My workshops are intended to help, educate, and inspire.
I love sharing my passion for healthy and nourishing food, exploring fresh ideas and flavors, and empowering you with cooking skills and a deeper knowledge of whole foods.

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Tech Specifications

  • The workshop link will be emailed to guests 30 min before the workshop.
  • The Zoom app needs to be installed on the device to be used during the workshop before it begins.
  • The workshop will be recorded and the video will be available upon completion.
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Whether you are starting out on a new healthy eating journey and don’t know where to start, you are passionate about food, or are looking for new easy and delicious meals for the whole family, I have got you covered!

Building new habits and making lifestyle changes can be challenging—but there are ways to make the process simpler. My workshops allow you to experience delicious healthy recipes that will help you improve your eating habits and overall health, without renouncing tasty meals.

Sign up to my courses and workshops if you want to learn how to properly cook a variety of nutrient-dense dishes to maximize nutrient bioavailability and digestion. Anybody who is starting out on a new healthy eating journey or are looking for new easy and delicious meals for the whole family is welcome.

In all workshops all attendees are valued, listened to, strengthened, and inspired by one another. We form supportive social connections with the true intention of helping each other.

Workshops create a sense of “universality” as all attendees share their common struggles, and what they have done to overcome them, an environment conducive to motivate and engage you to improve health and well-being.